Finishes That Add Luster to Paint

Paint will improve the look of your walls, but they need something extra to stand out. Color Design of Renton, Washington, optimizes your paint and extends its life with the application of finishes. Clients rely on us because we do flawless finishes. If you're not sure which one to choose, we'll help you decide. We also recommend accent colors that add dimension and elegance to your interior.

Glazing Finishes

We offer a personalized approach to glazing finishes by blending a continuously seamless color palette with an endless variety of desired styles. Although this is a custom wall treatment, we can do it for you affordably.

Suede Finishes

When you think of suede, you probably think of smooth, soft, and silky material. With cool new painting innovations, you can create the look of suede on the walls of your home.

Metallic Finishes

Bring sparkle, shine, and glamor to a host of residential and commercial interior applications with metallic finishes. This sleek, luminous finish gives a shimmering richness to classic colors and introduces a timeless luxury to walls, trim, and architectural elements.

Faux Finishes

Bullet Venetian Plasters
Bullet Metallic Plasters
Bullet Marmorino & European Plasters
Bullet Metallic Finishes
Bullet Bellagio Finishes
Bullet Decorative — Stripes, Blocking, Children's Rooms
Bullet Color Washes & Glazing
Bullet Custom Painted Cabinetry — Ideal for Remodeling

Interior Paint Finishes

Bullet Walls & Ceilings
Bullet Millwork Packages
Bullet Plaster & Drywall
Bullet Bookshelves & Cabinetry
Newly Painted Houses and Painted Rooms

Exterior Painting & Restoration

We do superior prep work to ensure a long-lasting finish and quality. Based on your home's condition, we will do exterior pressure washing, repair, and other restoration work. We typically complete projects in one week from start to finish.

To protect surfaces that aren't being painted from any overspray or drips, we cover them. Let us use premium paint, including eco-friendly varieties, to enhance structures such as:

Bullet Houses Bullet Decks Bullet Trellises Bullet Fences

The Affordable Way to Decorate

On average, you can expect to pay a rate of $3-$6 per square foot for finishes. However, patterns can reach as high as $10-$12 per square foot, depending on the pattern and the finish. When requesting a quote, it is important to consider the style and quality of the faux finish you want.